Books To read For Preparation of CAT 2016

If you are planning to write CAT 2015, the first thing that you should do is know everything possible about the exam. See if you want to get trained. If you are planning for 2016, you can join a coaching institute and start preparing. If you can let me know in the comment if you are planning for 2015/2016 and your current preparation level, I can definitely offer my two cents.

How to prepare for CAT?

Get hold of some coaching institute material and solve all of them-there would be 18 to 20 books
Arun Sharma is decent for quant (Level 2 and 3)
Get a book for RC-solve 2 daily and analyze your mistakes

This what you can do from now to prepare for CAT:
1. Develop a reading habit. One hour is good enough. If you can do more, great! Make sure to read as much as possible as you must have a nice vocabulary.

2. Build your general aptitude: Start solving puzzles, brain teasers, crosswords, etc. These will sharpen your mind and will definitely help in your preparation.

3. For quant: Start with basic concepts. Pick up any good book available in the market. Students generally go for books by N K Sinha or Arun Sharma. You can try to solve LOD (Level of Difficulty) 1 of all the chapters this year. A lot of online resources are available as well.

4. Also, focus on your academics and profile. Do certification courses or internships which will improve your profile as the final selection considers these things as well.
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