What’s TRON (TRX) going be worth in a year? TRON Prediction 2018

Tron (TRX) could be worth a lot more than people can imagine in approximately one year. TRON is a very new project, but already it has a lot more going for it than most of the Bitcoin forks, altcoins and protocols out there. The main reason is behind TRX boom is not technology, even though some of the best Chinese engineers are building the tech. 

The reason that Tron will eventually dominate is because the Tron team, including its founder, investors and advisors, will cut more BD deals and generate more real-world business traction than probably any project we have witnessed since Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.
What’s TRON (TRX) going be worth in a year? TRON Prediction 2018

As I write this (on January 10, 2018), TRX is in a correction phase as it stabilizes before the next big wave of interest. Not surprisingly, a bunch of FUD has been hurled at it by other crypto founders threatened by its sudden rise. This only scares off weak hands who don’t understand how real businesses — especially in China and Asia — win. They don’t succeed because the crypto boffins in the West approve of their white paper, or the number of daily commits pushed to their GitHub account. 

They succeed because they know how to build a large business and dominate a very large market niche. They succeed because they have a visionary leader out front creating a powerful brand that the world knows about, not just a few snarky day traders on Reddit. They succeed because they get actual traction.
With respect to how much TRX will be worth in a year, my guess is anywhere from $15 to $30. It may, in fact, go higher than this and confound crypto market watchers and analysts. Following are the factors that could help Tron break out:
  • Justin Sun locks up (escrows) more tokens. Already 34251807523.9 TRX held by the Tron Foundation had already being locked up until January 1st, 2020. If more tokens are locked up and there is no perception that the management team is cashing out behind the scenes, Tron should continue to rocket upwards.
  • Coin burning is implemented and investors see it actually working.
  • Major partnerships are announced that give Tron a monopolistic advantage, especially in China and Asia.
  • The technology is benchmarked by some real world uses cases and shown to scale.
  • China reverses its ban on crypto exchanges. That’s 1,412,435,000 people (as of January 10, 2018), which is 18.6 % of the total world population. If even a fraction of the Chinese population invests, Tron will shoot up in value.

Tin hat types who wring their hands every time someone calls Tron a scam should not invest in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have all been called scams (many many times). All three of these major coins have been criticized, dumped, and written off during their climb to the top. Tron will become one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, especially in the entertainment and gaming space. Invest early and hold. Ignore the FUD.

Conclusion: If you invest now you are gonna be a millionaire.

Disclaimer: Invest on your own risk.
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  1. Other than the Forbes 30/30 rating, what's your empirical measure for Justin S being a visionary leader? Also, the web is already decentralized. We could simply choose to stop using centralized apps like Faceboo and achieve similar goals to those stated by the Tron network. Thanks.

  2. How can that be possible with over 65 B coins circulating?


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